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Purpose - Driven

Unleash Your Potential: Ignite Your Faith, Transform Your Life

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Meet Pat Deluca  

Inspiring Transformation, Empowering Success

At Purpose Driven, our overarching desire is to ignite transformation and empower individuals and organizations to achieve unprecedented success while upholding the highest ethical standards.

 We envision a world where integrity, empathy, and purpose drive every aspect of sales, team management, and personal growth.

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Our Focus: Empowering
Purpose-Driven Leaders

 At the heart of our vision is the focus on empowering purpose-driven leaders. We are committed to equipping individuals with the skills, mindset, and tools to become influential leaders who achieve outstanding results and impact their teams, clients, and communities. 


We believe leaders who lead with purpose, authenticity, and impact can inspire greatness in others. 

Key Speaking Points to Finding Purpose 

Unleash Your Potential: Ignite Your Faith, Transform Your Life
  • Inspiring stories of personal growth and transformation through faith

  • Motivational talks to help individuals tap into their untapped potential

  • Empowering individuals to overcome challenges and embrace their true purpose

From Darkness to Light: A Journey of Hope and Resilience
  • Overcoming adversity and finding hope through faith

  • Powerful testimonies of resilience and triumph in the face of life's challenges

  • Encouraging individuals to find strength in their darkest moments and emerge stronger than ever

Faith in Action: Living a Purpose-Driven Life
  • Unlocking the power of faith to shape and guide your life's purpose

  • Inspiring individuals to align their actions with their spiritual beliefs

  • Practical strategies to integrate faith into daily life and make a positive impact

Building Stronger Connections: Strengthening Relationships through Faith
  • Nurturing meaningful relationships through a foundation of faith

  • Insights on building strong marriages, families, and friendships

  • Encouraging individuals to prioritize love, forgiveness, and compassion in their relationships

Awakening the Spirit Within: Deepening Your Faith Journey
  • Embarking on a personal and transformative spiritual journey

  • Exploring different facets of faith and spirituality

  • Guided meditations, reflections, and practices to cultivate a deeper connection with the Divine

Faith, Leadership, and Success: Thriving in a Purpose-Driven World
  • Inspiring individuals to lead with integrity, compassion, and faith

  • Strategies for achieving success while staying grounded in spiritual values

  • Empowering individuals to become influential leaders in their communities and workplaces

Triumph Over Trials: Finding Strength in Faith
  • Stories of resilience and faith in the face of adversity

  • Encouragement for individuals going through difficult times

  • Practical tips for finding strength, hope, and healing through faith

Living a Balanced Life: Integrating Faith, Work, and Well-being
  • Strategies for achieving work-life balance while maintaining a strong faith foundation

  • Insights on prioritizing spiritual well-being alongside professional and personal goals

  • Practical tips for managing stress, fostering self-care, and finding inner peace

The Power of Forgiveness: Embracing Healing and Freedom
  • Exploring the transformative power of forgiveness in personal growth

  • Insights on letting go of resentment, bitterness, and grudges

  • Empowering individuals to embrace forgiveness as a path to healing and emotional freedom

Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude: Finding Joy in Everyday Life
  • The profound impact of gratitude on overall well-being and spiritual growth

  • Practices for cultivating a grateful mindset and appreciating life's blessings

  • Inspiring individuals to embrace gratitude as a catalyst for joy and contentment

 Contact us today to embark on a journey towards purpose-driven sales and team management that drives success and positively impacts the world.

Together, let's build a better future based on passion, authenticity, and impact.

Start Your Journey

Bob Boisvert,

Program Director - Knights of Columbus

Pat is a strong speaker who motivates people to do good work and help others. He is a leader who takes action and guides groups to succeed.

Mark, Visions Electronics Audio Manager

"Pat is one of the best GMs, a natural leader, and a genuine great human"

Fr Leo G. English CSs.R., Associate Pastor at St. Joseph's Parish, Grande Prairie

"Pat's passion, commitment, and contagious energy make him an asset to any organization.
He is a team player who empowers others and focuses on reaching the wider community.
Fr Leo expresses sincere gratitude to Pat after events or activities."

Exciting Possibilities Await

Are you ready to be a part of the global purposeful movement?


 Take the first step today and let Me and my Finding Purpose team guide you towards transformation, empowerment, and unparalleled success.

Phone Number: 1-780-263-1064   /     Email:

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